West Grinstead Train Station on the Steyning Line

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Please note that this post is about a historical landmark. There is no working train station at the location described in this post.

It is rare to find legacy railway infrastructure in West Sussex.

West Grinstead train station, however, has examples that can still be seen from a time long ago.

This 20-mile (32.19 km) branch line in West Sussex once linked the port of Shoreham-by-Sea and Horsham.

The Steyning Line closed on 7th March 1966, following the implementation of the nationwide Beeching Cuts, which were a cost-saving exercise aimed at improving the efficiency and financial situation of the nationalised railway system of Great Britain.

The associated Steyning Line map is from Wikipedia.

Steyning Line Map
Steyning Line Map

My recent visit to West Grinstead Train Station

On a beautiful and warm spring day, I visited the area and would like to show you some of the photographs I took while there.

West Grinstead Train Station Station Photo Gallery

Historical images from the Steyning Line

The three historical images above are creative commons via Wikimedia. These are of low resolution but you can view the original high-resolution images at Wikimedia.

The Downs Link

Today, this beautiful area forms part of the Downs Link, a shared-use path popular with walkers, horse riders and cyclists.

More Information

The Downs Link at West Sussex County Council
The Bald Explorer explores West Grinstead Station and Knepp Castle (on YouTube)
How to get to West Grinstead Train Station (Google Maps)

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