Children in Cazale Haiti

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Children in Cazale

Help children in Cazale with video production teaching

Children in Cazale learn videography

Video production practice in Cazale from 2021. Image copyright © Krzysztof Szybiński.

The video production lessons are carried out by Polish philanthropist and volunteer Christopher Szybiński.

First lessen in video editing

Watch children from Cazale learning how to edit films using Adobe Premier Pro. The lesson took place in March 2022.

In the film, you can see Christopher teaching in English, assisted by Repairer of the Breaches School principal Derismont Roobens, who translates for the children.

Photographs from a video recording practice session in 2021

Images are copyright © Krzysztof Szybiński.

South Coast View is very grateful for Krzysztof’s kind permission to use these images.

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