Grand Victorian Hotel in Worthing

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The Grand Victorian Hotel in Worthing has reopened as The Railway Hotel

The header image above shows an interior view of the hotel before its closure.

Post updated 1 September 2023. I visited the premises yesterday and can confirm that the establishment has reopened as The Railway Hotel. A member of staff informed me that the hotel offer will commence 11 September 2023.

The interior looks very smart and the staff are most helpful with enquiries. I noticed many beers on offer, including Sussex Best from Harvey’s Brewery.

If you are expecting to see the vintage looking lighting as shown in the header image above, you will be disappointed, as there is no trace of it.

Lighting inside The Railway Hotel.
Lighting inside The Railway Hotel

The Railway Hotel and pub in Worthing is opposite Worthing Train Station at the corner of Railway Approach and Oxford Road.

The hotel opened on 11 April 1900 as the Central Hotel and has undergone several name changes. In 1983 the hotel was acquired by Chris Chapman and his wife Delia and renamed Chapmans Hotel. The Chapmans sold the hotel in 1995. The hotel reopened as the Grand Victorian Hotel on 9 March 2000.

The building is Grade II listed.

Source: Worthing Pubs, Muggleton, Walton, Henry. Amberly Books. p. 55/56. 2020.

The Grand Victorian Hotel is one of my favourite buildings in Worthing, but a challenge to photograph. There is a multitude of street furniture around the building on the surrounding roads. Additionally, the new office block east of the hotel does not help.

The Grand Victorian Hotel in Worthing (historical).
The Grand Victorian Hotel in Worthing (historical)

The photos in this post of the Grand Victorian Hotel in Worthing and The Railway Hotel in Worthing are © South Coast View.

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