Host a Ukrainian family in Worthing

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Host a Ukrainian family in Worthing
Host a Ukrainian family in Worthing or Adur

You can read this post in Ukrainian and Russian via Google Translate.

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Tim Loughton, MP for East Worthing, recently attended a meeting hosted by the Worthing Ukrainian Friends Network.

During the meeting, Worthing Ukrainians made one clear request. There is urgent need for new accommodation due to circumstances having changed for hosts who originally offered homes for Ukrainians.

Can you host a Ukrainian family in Worthing or Adur?

Tim Loughton explained that the Government have acknowledged these are challenging times, as a result of which the financial support for families offering a home to Ukrainians was increased to £500 per month. Tim asked that new hosts who can potentially offer space for at least six months to Ukrainians in Worthing and Adur contact their local council.

Watch the video: Meeting with Ukrainians in Worthing

Can you host a Ukrainian family in Worthing or Adur?

Here are some external links that Worthingites can use to help:

Adur & Worthing Councils – Refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine

You can find an email address on the above link, specifically for contacting the council about Ukrainian refugees.

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Other external links

Worthing Ukrainians Friends Network Facebook Page

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Tim Loughton’s website

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