Please order a test kit COVID scam text warning

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Is this a scam text?

Please order a test kit scam screenshot
Screenshot of the Please order a test kit scam text message

This Please order a test kit text is a scam

This morning I received a text from NHS-NoReply which read:

“NHS: You’ve been in close contact with a person who has contracted the Omicron variant. Please order a test kit via: web link redacted “

The web link has been redacted as I don’t want visitors to click through to a website that scams people.

The associated image shows a screenshot of the text.

These are the reasons why this text message is a scam

Do not touch or click on the web link within this text

Googling this subject I found that touching or clicking on the web link would lead you to a very convincing but fake NHS website. You have no guarantee the website does not contain malware that could harm your mobile phone or computer.

Most likely, you would be asked to make an online payment for the COVID test kit and/or for the delivery of it.

What you should do

Delete the message from your mobile phone. If you have the facility to receive texts on your computer, you should also delete the text from your computer.

What you should do if you touched on or clicked the link

First of all, delete the message. Then, using antivirus and malware software, run a scan on the devices in question.

What you should do if you divulged any personal information to the website

If you passed over any banking or other personal details to the website. change your banking login details immediately, contact your bank and keep an eye on your on-line banking service and look out for any suspicious activity. By wary of any telephone callers who say they are from your bank.

Further Resources about this scam

This police website has additional information about the please order a test kit scam, including how you can report this type of scam.

Watch a video about this scam

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