The Cruel Ideology of Putin’s Russian World

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Depicting the Russian World.

In this post I would like to address the way some in the West, especially Christians, interpret the ideology of Putin’s Russian World, known in Romanised Russian as Russkiy mir.

When Putin talks about upholding Christian and family values, on the face of it, this seems not to be at odds with mainstream Christian values in the West. Indeed, also on the face of it, morally decent-minded non-Christians may also see no conflict in such values.

I will let an expert expand on this by introducing you to a recent YouTube video on South Coast View’s YouTube channel. The video shares a clip from a recent post on the Professor Gerdes Explains  YouTube channel which is entitled What Russians Value with Konstantin Samoilov. Let’s watch a short clip of one of Konstantin’s explanations of the Russian world.

So the key takeaway from Konstantin in the above video clip is that:

The Ruski Mir itself is God and God is supporting the Ruski Mir. That’s what it is… …We are Ruski Mir and God is with us.

Awesome. I do not for a moment believe that Putin and his henchmen believe in the above, but this is what they are trying to portray as a brand of moral values to those inside and outside Russia. The fact is that this sinful and cruel brand has polluted true Christian values in Russia.

I would urge you to watch the complete video on Professor Gerdes Explains YouTube channel. It is one of the most informative I have seen on this excellent YouTube channel. Konstantin explains, with examples, why people in the West should be completely at odds with Putin’s Russian world.

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