Holiday in Saariselkä Finland

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With the weather in parts of northern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia so brutally cold, I thought it would be nice to revisit our relatively recent and amazing holiday in Saariselkä, Finland.

During our holiday, the average temperature was -18 centigrade (0 Fahrenheit).

Saariselkä is in the Inari-Saariselkä region. It is within the Arctic Circle and is the most northerly ski resort in Finland. 

This is an area historically inhabited by the Sámi people, an indigenous race found in Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Murmansk region of Russia.

At the Saariselkä Ski Centre

We stayed at the Holiday Club Saariselkä, which I can thoroughly recommend for ambience and service. The food and beer were superb, and you can see me enjoying a Lapin Kulta beer in the associated photograph.

Saariselkä is a small and village, perhaps too quiet for some. You could (in good weather) walk around it in less than two hours. During our winter stay, this walk took a lot more time!

Andrzej enjoying a Lapin Kulta beer

We visited the Saariselkä Ski Centre, perhaps a walk too far for some, so we used the regular bus shuttle service.

Our holiday in Saariselkä was truly memorable, and for those of you who like spectacular views in rolling countryside, it is the perfect arctic retreat.

At the Saariselkä Ski Centre

Our Holiday in Saariselkä – Photo Gallery

End of our holiday in Saariselkä – Bus ride back to Kittilä Airport

Watch the reindeer to the left side of the road! At 1:50 seconds into the video.

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