Rebekah Maciorowski on a Mission to Save Lives of Ukrainian Soldiers in 2024

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Rebekah Maciorowski is an American combat medic serving with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. She works on the frontlines, saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.

On 7 January 2024, Rebekah released a question-and-answer YouTube video (linked below) where she speaks of her “massive anxiety around posting on social media”. Rebekah explains in the video that when she does not frequently post on social media, donations for life-saving equipment start to dry up.

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Rebekah Maciorowski works on the front lines.

As an infrequent and reluctant YouTube poster on this website’s YouTube channel, the author of this post gets this.

This post aims to raise awareness of the life-saving work that Rebekah Maciorowski carries out on the battlefronts of Ukraine.

Please watch Rebekah’s video. Her donation and social media links are at the foot of this post.

Rebekah Maciorowski’s Social Media Links

Buy Me a Coffee Donations Account

YouTube channel

Facebook Page

X (Twitter) Account

Instagram Account

Combat medics should not have to constantly release videos for donations to increase

Combat medics or other individuals in life-saving roles should not have to keep releasing videos for their fundraising donations to increase. It is as if some people decide they are not sufficiently entertained, and, therefore, they donate less. Unfortunately, it is not only Rebekah who has this problem. Other prominent pro-Ukraine YouTubers (e.g. combat medic Brandon Mitchell) have stated they suffer from the same phenomenon.

If we follow these YouTubers on social media, we know what they do and we must realise that they are very busy people in their primary role of saving lives.

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