High Street Tarring Photographs

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Casing of the former Castle Inn Pub

From the gallery – High Street Tarring

Come with me on a virtual walk along the medieval High Street in Tarring, Worthing, West Sussex. Experience the historic atmosphere through my photographs of this beautiful area.

High Street Tarring (the official name is High Street) is one of Worthing’s most historic streets, having buildings dating back to the medieval period.

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High Street Tarring Photo Gallery

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How to get to High Street Tarring

The postcode is BN14 7NN
West Worthing Railway Station is ½ a mile away
The greater part of the high street is one-way south to north
Vehicles are restricted to access only

Things to do in or very near the High Street

South Coast View is not affiliated with these establishments.

Some food establishments may serve takeaways – check details by phone, through their websites or Facebook pages.

The George & Dragon Pub, 1 High Street Tarring, Worthing BN14 7NN. For food and drink. Facebook. Phone: 01903 202497

The Vine Pub, 27 – 29 High Street Tarring, BN14 7NN Worthing. For food and drink. Facebook. Phone: 01903 201121

Dukes Coffee Shop. 2 Market House, Church Road Tarring, Worthing BN13 1HF. Facebook. Phone: 01903 821321

The Parsonage Restaurant, 6-10 High Street Tarring, Worthing BN14 7NN. Website. Facebook. Phone: 01903 820140

Other establishments in Tarring

St Andrew’s Church. 41a Church Road Tarring, Worthing BN13 1HQ. Website

Guys and Dolls Hair Salon. 2 High Street Tarring, Worthing BN14 7NN. Facebook. Phone: 01903 206617

Rock ‘n’ Razor Barbershop, 1, Market House, Church Road Tarring, Worthing BN13 1HF. Facebook. Website. Phone: 07917 875518

Tarring News & Wine. 3 – 4 Market House, Church Road, Tarring, Worthing BN13 1HF

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