Brandon Mitchell Ukraine – Combat Medic at Hospitallers

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Chevron attribution in header and below: Pvladko, CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Updated 20 February 2024. Reason for update: Added details of Brandon’s Ukraine Awareness Tour.

If you would like to skip the introduction and go straight to Brandon Mitchell’s YouTube channel, scroll down to the channel link on this page.

You can read this post in Ukrainian and Russian via Google Translate.

Brandon Mitchell temporarily returns to Sweden

In December 2023, Brandon returned to Sweden, where he will stay for several months. His return to Sweden has been necessary for him to finalise his immigration status with the Swedish authorities. Brandon continues to support Ukraine through donations. He has a team of trusted YouTubers based in Ukraine, including Tilde, a Swedish volunteer helper, also in Ukraine.

In January of 2024, Brandon visited Germany, where he ran several Half Marathons to fundraise for a truck for Nika, a Hospitallers Medical Battalion combat medic in need of a replacement truck. Brandon reports that he raised the required amount of £20,000 for Nika’s truck.

Brandon Mitchell – UK Ukraine Awareness Tour – February 2024

Brandon Mitchell – Public Appearance in Cardiff

Emergency Medicine In Ukraine. Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Harbour Drive Bay, Cardiff CF10 4PT. Wednesday, 21 February. 1:30 pm to 3 pm.

Booking is free but mandatory via Eventbrite. Link to booking form.

Brandon Mitchell and Iryna Knyzhnyk – Public Appearance in London

Public Talk with the Ukrainian Frontline Medics. Friday, 23 February 2024. 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES). Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, Wilkins Building, Gower street, London, WC1E 6BT. Link to booking form.

For further information about UK appearances with Brandon Mitchell, please visit his YouTube community posts.

Between 14 and 24 February, Brandon is on a UK-wide tour with four Ukrainian medics. The tour starts in London, followed by Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff and back to London on the 24th.

Photograph: Brandon Mitchell with fellow Ukrainian Hospitallers combat medic Iryna Knyzhnyk during their UK tour. At Westminster, London with a war-damaged ambulance from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Brandon Mitchell with fellow Ukrainian Hospitallers combat medic Iryna Knyzhnyk.
Brandon Mitchell with fellow Ukrainian Hospitallers combat medic Iryna Knyzhnyk

During Brandon’s tour, he will have public engagements and private meetings with politicians. He hopes to have meetings with Prime Minister Sunak and Foreign Secretary Cameron.

Prior to the tour, Brandon had completed a Level 3 FREC course at Solent Medical Skills in Southampton. FREC is a First Response Emergency Care course. Coincidentally, Brandon’s instructor on the course had previously served as a volunteer medic in Ukraine.

About Combat Medic Brandon Mitchell in Ukraine

Brandon is a Canadian volunteer combat medic with the Hospitallers Medical Battalion of Ukraine.

Previous to his work in Ukraine, Brandon had served in both the Canadian and British armies.

Following the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy invited foreigners to enlist in the International Legion of the Territorial Defence of Ukraine. At the outbreak of war, Brandon was a resident of Sweden.

Brandon felt that his services would be more useful in humanitarian work, which led him to join the Hospitallers Medical Battalion of Ukraine.

Since March 2022, he has been carrying out front-line first aid, assisting with civilian evacuations, delivering medical supplies and equipment and transporting wounded soldiers. Brandon also delivers other emergency supplies to medics, such as much sought-after tourniquets, generators and radios. These supplies are bought by Brandon from donations.

Chevron as worn by combat medic Brandon Mitchell.
Chevron as worn by combat medic Brandon Mitchell

The information in this post is based on what I have learned after following Brandon’s content on his YouTube and Instagram channels.

Brandon was back in Ukraine following an international tour

As previously mentioned, Brandon is currently back in Sweden. In the spring and summer of 2023, Brandon had temporarily left Ukraine on official leave to carry out three tasks.

The first task was to finalise his immigration status with the Swedish authorities. This task was only partially successful. Brandon returned to Sweden in December 2023 to formalise his permanent Swedish residency.

The second task was to trek Sweden’s longest trail, the Kungsleden. Brandon set up a fundraiser for his time on the trail to raise funds for Blågula Bilen, a Swedish charity, which raises funds for trucks bound for Ukrainian battalions. The aim was to raise enough money for an additional truck for Ukraine, and Brandon achieved this fundraising target.

Brandon’s third task was an international Ukrainian awareness-raising mission. For this purpose, he travelled to Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and the USA, where he secured high-profile media appearances.

In Canada, Brandon appeared at Toronto’s St. Volodymyr Institute for a speaking engagement. In the UK, he was interviewed twice at London’s Times Radio studio, which later led to a third interview with Times Radio when he was back on the front lines of Ukraine. Other high-profile interviews were on the UK’s Lindybeige YouTube channel. While Brandon was in Sweden awaiting the outcome of his immigration status appeal, he appeared on Jake Broe’s YouTube podcast. For those who don’t know Jake Broe, his YouTube channel is one of the most high-profile channels dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information about the current struggle for Ukrainian independence.

Brandon Mitchell featured on social media

If you are new to Brandon’s work in Ukraine and, perhaps, undecided about donating to his fundraiser, please visit Brandon’s YouTube channel. The link is below.

Today is your chance to donate now via Brandon’s official donation links.

Civilian evacuation from Knauf near Donbas

In 2022, Brandon and his team were assigned to a civilian evacuation in Knauf, near Donbas. The district was already under Russian control or being fought over. This was a mission where speed was essential to success.

The team located the family for evacuation but found an extra 13 civilians needing evacuation. The evacuations were carried out in two stages. The first evacuation was accomplished. During the second, carried out in a convoy of two, Brandon’s vehicle was blown up by a mine, and he suffered serious injuries. The Ukrainian army, at considerable risk to themselves, managed to extract Brandon from the minefield. His team successfully evacuated the remaining 13 civilians. Brandon spent a month in hospital recovering from a traumatic brain injury and some hearing loss.

This Instagram reel shows Brandon’s bodycam footage of the moments leading up to and following the explosion.

Brandon is committed to doing everything it takes to ensure the Hospitallers Medical Battalion continue to have the best medical and support equipment available on the market. As a self-funded volunteer, Brandon needs our help, and whatever donation you can spare will be gratefully received by Brandon.

Your invaluable support will enable Brandon to buy additional vital medical aid and equipment for medics in Ukraine.

Brandon’s official donation links

External Links for Brandon Mitchell @ukraine_tbic

tbic is short for The Best I Can

Click or touch the YouTube graphic below to see all Brandon’s videos.

Link to Brandon Mitchel's videos.
Image link to Brandon Mitchell’s videos

Brandon’s Instagram Channel

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South Coast View’s YouTube channel. Video about Brandon.

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