Warwick Street in Worthing – Street Hubs ruin a great view

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Walking east along Warwick Street in Worthing, I noticed a large and solid construction in the middle of the pedestrianised street, close to Brighton Road.

I took a couple of photographs and Googled this ugly piece of street clutter. It looks like it is going to be a BT Street Hub – a phone box replacement.

Warwick Street in Worthing.
Street Hub in Warwick Street in Worthing – Looking east
Street hub in Warwick Street in Worthing.
Street Hub in Warwick Street in Worthing – Looking west
Street Hub sets off any view.
Street Hub sets off any view

Observe how the BT Street Hub sets off the Warwick Street buildings behind it.

This BT Street Hub is in Montague Street and possibly acceptable as it is difficult to spot any remaining Worthing heritage in the immediate vicinity.

Unless the weather is playing ball in Sunny Worthing, I wouldn’t fancy making a call or charging my phone at any of these hubs.

BT Street Hub in Montague Street.
BT Street Hub in Montague Street
Side view of keypad and USB charging facility.
Side view of keypad and USB charging facility

Warwick Street in Worthing – A historical view

If you attempt to recreate this historical view, you won’t be able to because the BT Street Hub is in the way.

Warwick Street in Worthing.
Warwick Street in Worthing – now a bygone view

I think that such monstrosities have no business ruining any of Worthing’s heritage views.

If you Google BT Street Hubs, there are numerous examples of councils that have opposed them – and some that have not. It seems a lot of people across the UK share my view.

How did this get past Worthing Planning?

External Links

Adur & Worthing Councils – Application was permitted

View the application

Here is a neutral article from Planet Radio’s website about the planned Street Hubs in Worthing.

Peterborough City Council have rejected an application for installation of a BT street hub citing “street scene concerns”

Salisbury City Council have rejected BT’s Street Hub applications in their city, calling them ‘garish’

Brighton & Hove News BT threatened with court action over graffiti magnet pavement hubs

The Argus 3 May 2023. Worthing: BT advertising hub vandalised days after being activated.

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