Happy Easter from Worthing

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Depicting a Happy Easter from South Coast View

Happy Easter from Worthing

This Easter decoration has a Polish twist and represents the Easter I know from childhood. To the left of the photograph is a table decoration I prepared for Easter Sunday. In Polish, we call this type of decoration a stroik. In the centre of the plate, I placed painted eggs (in Polish pisanki ) that represent traditional designs found in Poland.

To the right of the photograph is a traditional Polish poppy seed cake baked by my English wife. It has already been partly eaten and it is delicious. In Polish, this cake is called a makowiec.

In the UK and of course in Poland, many Polish families would use hard-boiled eggs that are then painted. As I am not an artist, I make do with wooden representations.

A close-up photograph of the Easter eggs

The large egg at the top of the photograph is a wooden example from Croatia.

The other eggs are from Poland.

Close-up of Easter eggs
Close-up of Easter eggs

Anna from Ukraine explains more in this YouTube video

The art of decorating Easter eggs, is also known in Ukraine, and the techniques used in both countries are similar. Watch this beautifully presented video explaining this tradition.

The tradition of decorating Easter eggs exists primarily in Slavic countries but is also known in Germany. In the UK, this tradition is found in Lancashire and Northumbria as associated with Pace Egg play.

This image shows traditional Northumbrian eggs boiled in wrapped onion skins.

Image attribution: Sasha Clarkson CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Pace eggs from Northumbria
Pace eggs from Northumbria

Happy Easter from Worthing, and may our next Easter celebration be free of war wherever you are.

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