How a Battle Command Post Works in Ukraine | Combat Group K-2 54th Brigade

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Battle command post.

Image: Public domain via picryl. Disclaimer: Image shows a general representation of a battle command post.

What happens in a Ukrainian battle command post

There are countless videos on multiple platforms on the internet of drone battle footage. However, most videos do not show what happens, minute by minute, within a command post directing a battle.

In the video below, we can see a command post with drone operators expertly directing a battle. We can see and hear that they are assisted with high-specification monitors and communication facilities. The experience and professionalism of these soldiers and the units they direct led to a successful battle outcome for Ukraine.

Command post directing a recent battle in Zolotarivka, Ukraine

The video footage below is courtesy of the Combat Group K-2 54th Brigade and shows a battle command post directing a recent battle in the village of Zolotarivka in Luhansk Oblast.

This is an age-restricted video. Please follow the Watch on YouTube  link below to watch on YouTube.

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