Armoured Evacuation Ambulances For Ukraine – Appeal

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Post updated on 13 April 2024. Reason for update: Adjusted total amount donated to the appeal.

This post is about an exciting initiative to deliver armoured evacuation ambulances directly to combat medics working on the frontlines of Ukraine. This new initiative has been created by two high-profile pro-Ukraine YouTubers, The Greg Terry Experience and Professor Gerdes Explains.

You can skip the introduction to this project and go direct to the Official Appeal Link.

Watch the video: YOU Can Help Save Lives in Ukraine – New Campaign Kick-Off

Campaign video dated 11 March 2024.

armoured evacuation ambulances.

Land Rover Snatch image: Cpl Russ Nolan RLC, OGL v1.0OGL v1.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Derivative work. Image is flipped and duotoned.

Note: The above image of the Land Rover Snatch is representative of four armoured evacuation ambulances that will soon be delivered to combat medics on the frontlines of Ukraine.

Land Rover Snatch base specification

  • Land Rover 300 TDI engine 111 horsepower (83 KW)
  • Suspension 4×4
  • Operational range 510 kilometers / 320 miles
  • Top Speed 97 KMH / 60 MPH

The Land Rover Snatch vehicles will have the following specifications

Retrofitted modifications

  • Anti-drone defence system
  • Fully armoured glass
  • Fully armoured body
  • Kevlar armour
  • The best night vision possible
  • Double winch system*

*The double winch system will be installed front and back so that a medic working alone can get their vehicle pulled out of a ditch.

These vehicles are low mileage and will be delivered completely serviced.

Save lives on the frontlines of Ukraine with your valuable donation.

Money raised so far for armoured evacuation ambulances for Ukraine

This appeal was launched on 11 March 2024, and two private individuals have already donated 80,000 USD. Since then, more money has been donated by the YouToube communities of Greg Terry, Professor Gerdes and the communities of many other YouTubers involved in this project.

Donations Update

As of 13 April 2024, the total donations stand at 244,700 USD. The original amount of money money required for this appeal was 200,000 USD. However, upon Greg Terry finding out that there was a further requirement for armoured vehicles, the project has been extended to sourcing a further Land Rover Snatch. The total amount of money now required is 260,000 USD.

Source: Greg Terry Experience YouTube video entitled Update Ukraine and Armoured Vehicle Project – with @TheShills and @Professor-Gerdes.  Includes armoured vehicles donation update.

Watch the video dated 13 April 2024.

Delivery of these armoured evacuation ambulances is urgent

These armoured evacuation ambulances are one of the top requested needs, as communicated to Greg Terry, who is in Ukraine and has spoken to commanders and combat medics about their needs.

This fundraiser is for a total of four Land Rover Snatch vehicles, and once they are in Ukraine, Greg Terry, Zhenia (from a Ukrainian NGO) and another two drivers will personally hand over the ambulances to combat medics at the frontlines. This handover at the frontlines is crucial because it means that medics will not need to travel long distances, which would limit their ability to concentrate on medical work in the combat zones.

Two armoured evacuation ambulances will be handed over to Project Konstantin, a frontline medical evacuation group in eastern Ukraine. A third ambulance will be handed over to the Third Assault Brigade Second Rifle Battalion. A fourth ambulance will be handed over to an unnamed brigade somewhere on the frontline.

The unnamed brigade that will receive the fourth evacuation ambulance, needs to remain unnamed for the time being. This is for operational security reasons. At the moment, this brigade uses two small white ambulances that have no protection against even basic munitions that may target them.

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