Refugee train journey from Ukraine to Poland

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Johnny FD, a friend of Ukraine, has just travelled from Kyiv to Croatia via Kraków in Poland, to attend a digital nomad conference.

Johnny has released a an interesting video of his journey, which unintentionally followed the steps that Ukrainian refugees might make today to escape the war.

The first leg of Johnny’s train journey started in Kyiv and ended in Przemyśl, Poland. The train from Kyiv runs directly to the Polish border town of Przemyśl.

The onward journey to Kraków necessitates a train change, as the first station in Poland on the route from Kyiv is on Ukrainian wide-gauge tracks, while Poland’s passenger train system uses standard gauge.

Photograph of Kyiv Central Station. Андрей Харьковой, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Refugee train journey from Ukraine to Poland
Kyiv Central Station

Johnny intended to buy food from the Ukrainian buffet car on the train, stay the night in a hotel in Przemyśl and catch a train to Kraków the following morning. However, the buffet car was not in service, and once in Przemyśl, the hotels were full.

By the time Johnny arrived in Poland, he was hungry and had no choice but to avail himself of the free food for refugees that continues to be available for refugees arriving from Ukraine. He then took the free bus to a refugee hostel close by and spent the night there.

Next morning, Johnny departed Przemyśl by train for the journey to Kraków.

Watch the video showing a “refugee train journey from Ukraine to Poland”

This excellent video is a unique opportunity to see a “refugee train journey from Ukraine to Poland”, as has been experienced thousands of times since the Russian invasion.

I won’t give you details of Johnny’s journey. His words and video will better convey this to you, together with his experience in the refugee hostel in Przemyśl.

Video of a refugee train journey from Ukraine to Poland


Johnny FD’s YouTube Channel

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