Help Ukraine Now – Video from Poland

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Graphic depicting help Ukraine now

Help Ukraine Now

You can read this post in Polish, Ukrainian and Russian using Google Translate.

YouTube US blogger Johnny FD, a supporter of Ukraine and its people, has just released a powerful video from Kraków in Poland. The theme of the video is Help Ukraine Now, in other words, Arm Ukraine Now.

Johnny is publicising the trending hashtag #ArmUkraineNow

I Joined the Protests in Kraków Old Town – Watch the video

You can watch Johnny delivering several eloquent and compelling speeches in his video during the Help Ukraine Now protest in Kraków.

Johnny recently arrived in Kraków and plans to stay for a month in the city. He is offering his support to Ukrainians by joining protests (like the one featured in his YouTube video) and by helping Ukrainians in Poland by volunteering.

I know that Johnny will be a much valued volunteer in Poland as he has the perfect credentials and experience to hand:

Until recently Johnny had been a year-long resident of Kyiv and had to leave by train, using one of the railway evacuation routes to the Hungarian border.

Johnny is able to converse using basic Ukrainian – I’ve heard him in his videos, he is really doing very well.

Johnny made many friends in Ukraine and loved living there.

You can support Johnny FD and Ukraine by following

I’ll leave the last words in this post to Johnny FD, as quoted from his Instagram channel:

From California, but my home and heart is in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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