Dome Cinema in Worthing Hosts 12 Ukrainian Artists

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Artwork above: My city from the window by Tetiana Senchenko.

Dome Cinema in Worthing hosts 12 Ukrainian Artists
The Dome Cinema in Worthing hosts 12 Ukrainian Artists from 19 June 2023

You can read this post in Russian and Ukrainian via Google Translate.

This event has passed.

The Worthing Ukrainian Facebook Group Facebook Page tells us that:

Twelve talented Ukrainian artists are exhibiting their artworks at Worthing’s Dome Cinema foyer during Refugee Week between Monday 19 and Sunday 25 June 2023.

Artwork by Nina Lebanidze
Artwork by Nina Lebanidze

Some of the lineup artists displaying at Refugee Week in Worthing

Andrii Roman

View three-year-old Andrii’s paintings as he aims to capture your hearts and souls with his serious art.

Ann Mary Latsanych, known as Maru

You can view Maru’s creations of modern scandalous and provocative art pieces.

Evgenia Panura

Evgenia is a photographer from Mariupol. For Refugee Week, Evgenia displays her photographs taken during better times in Mariupol, a city that no longer exists.

Nina Lebanidze

Nina is from Kyiv and now lives in the UK. Nina is one of the artists exhibiting her paintings at this weeks Refugee Week event in Worthing.

Svitlana Savun

Svitlana is from Kherson and displays her love of Ukraine through symbolic and beautiful artworks depicting the war in Ukraine.

Tetiana Senchenko

You can view Tetiana’s paintings that convey her love, kindness, and happiness to the viewer.

Refugee Week 2023 – Compassion

The exhibition theme is Compassion, and the event in Worthing is organised by the Worthing Ukrainian Friends Network.

The artworks depict beautiful and harmonic objects, and you have the opportunity of buying the works.

Proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to those children and animals still in Ukraine who live in constant danger.

Dome Cinema foyer in Worthing

Dome Cinema in Worthing Hosts 12 Ukrainian Artists from 19 June

Photograph of the Dome Cinema’s foyer, where the exhibition is taking place.

Refugee Week in Worthing – Event Dates and Venue Details

Dates: Monday 19 to Sunday 25 June 2023
Venue: Dome Cinema foyer
Address: 21-22 Marine Parade, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 3PT
Telephone: 01903 823112

View the event location on Google Maps

Dome Cinema in Worthing Hosts 12 Ukrainian Artists

Artwork by Eleonora Medwell
Artwork by Eleonora Medwell

External Links

Worthing Ukrainian Friends Network Facebook home page and Instagram page

Visit the Facebook and Instagram links above for the latest details about this event.

Refugee Week UK website

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