Christian Speaker Mike Johnson | God sees everything that YOU are doing

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My interpretation of the video shown below is that combat medic Pete in Ukraine is directing his appeal to the many decision-makers of the world, particularly Christian Speaker Mike Johnson, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Christian Speaker Mike Johnson

Christian Speaker Mike Johnson.

Project Konstantin is a frontline casevac group near Bakhmut, Ukraine. British combat medic Pete makes an emotional appeal from the frontlines to decision-makers of the world:

…”What in God’s name do you people think you are doing. Drip feeding and delaying this desperately needed ammunition… …Do you not know that God sees everything that you are doing.”

We are reminded in Psalm 139 that God’s presence is present everywhere we walk. He sees everything and is ever-present, no matter where we are or what is going on. It highlights God’s unfathomable knowledge and comprehension of everything. Source: Scripture Savvy

Watch Pete’s video on the Project Konstantin Facebook page:

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