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Johnny FD Ukrainian Fundraiser

Johnny FD Ukrainian Fundraiser

Johnny FD Ukrainian Fundraiser in Romania

Johnny FD visits the Ukrainian school in Bucharest, Romania, which he helped fund during the early weeks of its existence.

You can read this article in Polish, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian

I have previously written articles about YouTube blogger Johnny FD (on Twitter @JohnnyFDK) and the Johnny FD Ukrainian Fundraiser for Ukraine. The last link in this paragraph will take you to Johnny’s GoFundMe Ukraine donation page.

Johnny is from California, a friend of Ukraine and a permanent resident of Kyiv.

In one of his recent YouTube videos (linked to below), Johnny shows us how part of the money donated through the Johnny FD Ukrainian Fundraiser has been vital in helping Ukrainian children continue their education in the Ukrainian school in Bucharest, Romania.

The associated photograph (via Johnny’s Instagram account) shows Johnny with some of the children from the school that received a donation from the GoFundMe fundraiser.

I found the video below very moving and emotional.

Johnny visits the school and meets English teacher Anastasiia Konovalova, who shows him around and introduces him to the children and teachers. Watch Johnny receiving presents from children who have been helped by Johnny’s donation!

Johnny FD Ukrainian Fundraiser – We funded a school for Ukrainians 🇺🇦🇷🇴 in Romania!

Johnny and Anastasia explain how the funding from Johnny was of crucial importance in the early weeks after the school opened.

We learn that without the money donated by contributors from the GoFundMe fundraiser, the school would not have been able to continue, due to lack of funds.

Fortunately, after a slow start Johnny explains that UNICEF have now stepped up to the mark and are funding the school.

List of External Resources

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Johnny FD Ukraine Fundraiser

Johnny FD Ukraine Fundraiser

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