Jimmy C Coletsis of Jimmy C and the Blues Dragons

Jimmy C Coletsis

Jimmy C Coletsis obituary photo credit: Paul Soper

Jimmy Coletsis Memorial Tribute – Live from Samos

Click here to view livestream

Tribute – Jimmy C Blues Picnic with the Bluesdragons and Guests

St Mary’s Tower, Hornsey Village, London N8 7QB.

Past event. Saturday 14 August 2021 at 15:00. UTC+01

Tribute – Jimmy’s Jam Blues Picnic – With Guests

Part of the Crouch End Mini Festival

St Mary’s Tower, Hornsey Village, London N8 7QB.

Past event Sunday 12 September 2021, 13:00 to 15:00. UTC+01

We’re raising £1,500 for a memorial bench and tree at St Mary’s Tower

This appeal is for a memorial bench and tree at St Mary’s Tower N8 for Jimmy C Coletsis and initiating a local rehearsal space for young people in Jimmy’s name.

The Jimmy C Tribute Show was on Wednesday 23 June

LTB TV (Live Talking Blues TV) dedicated the show our local Blues Musician Jimmy C Coletsis

The livestream showcased Jimmy’s work and talent as a musician – but there was more. What came through very clearly, were the powerful tributes from blues world guests, that Jimmy was a byword for quality and warmth in every aspect of his life.

Aga’s moving and eloquent tribute to Jimmy emphasised his qualities as a man also dedicated to his family and friends.

The show went live on Wednesday 23 June 2021 at 19.30

To watch from the start of the livestream about Jimmy, move the YouTube slider forward by 35 minutes and 16 seconds.

You can also watch the show on Facebook

Jimmy C Coletsis – the last single

Everybody Gets the Blues
This is music full of beauty and warmth

Links to obituaries

Blues musician from Crouch End who ‘brought so much love’ – from the Ham&High

Click or touch the Ham&High newspaper link to read Jimmy’s obituary.

Via Twitter embed

Ham and High newspaper a board with obituary poster

Photo credit: Paul Soper

Jimmy Coletsis (RIP) by Pete Feenstra

His infectious smile & ‘can do’ spirit will be sadly missed

Via Twitter embed

Camden New Journal: Jimmy C was 100 per cent rock’n’roller in every way  – Go to page 12

Islington Tribune Jimmy rocked all over the globe (and on Upper Street)

Richmond Times – automatically opens on the obituary page A29

Richmond Times. Founder member of Richmond band Thor passes away

Schwäbische Post. Jimmy C ist gestorben In German. In English via Google Translate. Jimmy C has died

Schwäbische Post. Facebook Page. In English

The funeral mass was broadcast live and you can view it on YouTube.

The funeral of Jimmy C Coletsis was held on Saturday 19 June 2021 at 1.30pm at St Peter-in-Chains Church in Stroud Green.

Funeral Mass of Jimmy C Coletsis – Watch the video

Jimmy C Coletsis – Links

Jimmy’s Blue Dragons website
Jimmy’s discography on the Blues Dragons website
Jimmy’s Blue Dragons Facebook Page

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