Polish and Ukrainian Winged Hussars Save Lives in Ukraine

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You can read this article in Polish, Ukrainian and Russian via Google Translate.

The Winged Hussars project is a Polish/Ukrainian military YouTube blog about the work of today’s soldiers and combat medics in Ukraine.

The modern-day Winged Hussars are combatants in the Armed Forces of Ukraine working alongside the Polish NGO Awangarda, which supports Ukrainian soldiers and medics with personnel on the battlefields of Ukraine. Awangarda’s teams consist of paramedics, nurses, doctors and ambulance drivers. Their personnel have advanced tactical awareness skills vital for saving lives in combat zones. Awangarda closely cooperates with the Winged Hussars project and various Ukrainian battalions.

Polish winged hussars attack the Ottomans at Khotyn.
Polish winged hussars attack the Ottomans at Khotyn (today in Ukraine) in 1673

Not every Ukrainian soldier has been able to participate in training provided in countries of the NATO alliance. Awangarda fills this gap by using their military and combat medical knowledge gained while serving in conflicts outside Ukraine, but also through experience gained during this war in Ukraine.

Moving forward and following Ukraine’s victory, the Winged Hussars project aims to support soldiers and medics when they are back in civilian life. For many combatants, there will be mental health issues, and the hussars will act as a support network for these men and women by matching their skills with the requirements of potential employers.

A Polish commander (code name Batman) in the Ukrainian Armed Forces explains the work of Awangarda in the associated video on the hussars YouTube channel.

The Winged Hussars depend on donations

The Hussars are a self-funded organisation, which means they depend on donations to keep their vital presence in Ukraine ongoing.

You can support the work of the Winged Hussars

Awangarda has Polish, Ukrainian and other nationalities on the front lines

Awangarda assists the Armed Forces of Ukraine with medical evacuations of soldiers and civilians in the Donbas area.

Awangarda is also a self-funded organisation that depends on donations to continue its life-saving work.

Catherine from Poland is the commander of the Awangarda Team. In the associated video (on the Winged Hussars YouTube channel), she explains Awangarda’s work.

Visit the Winged Hussars YouTube channel

You can support the work of Awangarda

Awangarda uses a Polish crowdfunding platform called Zrzutka.

Then click or touch the red button that says in Polish Wpłać na zrzutkę. (Donate to the appeal, in English). You can then choose an amount in Polish currency. At the time of writing, one British Pound is worth approximately five Polish Złoty.

I appreciate the above donation scenario described is not ideal for South Coast View’s visitors who do not speak Polish. Hopefully, Awangarda will, at some stage, additionally offer PayPal or Buy Me a Coffee donation facility.

Who were the original Polish winged hussars?

A short historical note. The Polish winged hussars (also known as the Polish hussars) were a formidable heavy cavalry formation active in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

These elite winged hussars, with their backdrop of raptor feathers, acted essentially as shock cavalry by instilling terror into enemy ranks. Their long and powerful lances and prowess in combat enabled them to win most of the battles they fought.

Hussars on the attack.
Hussars on the attack

External Links

Winged Hussars YouTube Channel and Instagram Account.

Awangarda Facebook Page and Instagram Account.

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