How to Support Ukraine and Register and Vote in the Nevada Republican Caucus

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Website visitors reading my posts about Ukraine will know exactly where I stand on the issue of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

This post explains, with the help of pro-Ukraine YouTuber Jake Broe, how to register and vote in the Nevada Republican Caucus.

I won’t explain the process of registering and voting for Republican candidate Nikki Haley in the Nevada Republican Caucus. Nikki Haley is a strong supporter of Ukraine. Jake Broe has done a much better job than I could of explaining the process and his reasons as to why he will vote for Nikki Haley.

In short, Jake Broe lives in Nevada and has registered online for the Nevada Republican Caucus. In his own words, “it was super easy”.

Vote in the Nevada Republican Caucus.
Republican Candidate Nikki Haley

It is possible to replicate the process of registering for the Republican Caucus in other states. Jake explains fully in his video below.

Jake Broe’s video dated 11 January – How to register and vote in the Nevada Republican Caucus

Fast-forward the video to 14:26 seconds for Jake’s explanation of the process.

If you are American, you too can support Ukraine and register to vote in the Nevada Republican Caucus, or replicate this process in another state.

If I have any details incorrect in my understanding of US politics, I apologise. This field is complicated for Brits to get their heads around.


Jake Broe’s YouTube Channel

Post on this website: Introduction to Jake Broe.

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