Amazon Supplies Direct to Ukrainian Soldiers on the Front Lines

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This post is about an exciting new initiative for 2024 that enables you to donate money or buy and send Amazon supplies direct to Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines.

This initiative has been created by two high-profile pro-Ukraine YouTubers, Professor Gerdes and Greg Terry, who have partnered to save lives on the front lines of Ukraine.

The commitment to Ukraine from the above YouTubers is beyond question, as is the certainty that the Amazon supplies you buy will go direct to Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines.

Disclaimer. The associated representative image of Ukrainian soldiers with an Amazon parcel was created with AI technology.

Supplies direct to Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines.
Supplies direct to Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines

Some of the gifts are already in Ukraine, and you have been able to watch Greg Terry, on his YouTube channel, giving your donations to soldiers on the front lines.

Tutorial – Amazon Supplies Direct to Ukrainian Soldiers on the Front Lines

Please note that the Amazon shopping links listed below are not affiliate links.

This tutorial uses the Amazon Germany link, which is the Amazon Shopping list for EU and UK residents. The procedure in this tutorial is the same for the Amazon shopping list for USA and North American residents.

Step One

Go to this Amazon shopping list link. If necessary, you will need to login using your usual Amazon login details. Browse the shopping list, which contains medical and humanitarian gifts urgently needed by soldiers on the front lines.

Step Two

Choose the gift or gifts you wish to donate and click the yellow Amazon Add to Basket  link.

Step Three

Finalise your purchase within the Amazon Shopping Basket by going to the checkout page. Important: The Gift Registry Address should be selected by default. If your own address is selected instead, you must change this to the Gift Registry Address, otherwise your gift will go to your address instead.

What to do if Amazon tells you that your debit or credit card was declined

Depending on the policy currently in force by some banks, you may encounter a card declined situation, if you are purchasing from a country outside Germany. If this happens to you, I believe the best course of action is to donate directly to one of the fundraising links shown below.

Donations for Ukraine – Links

Direct Link for Financial Giving via the schemes 501(c)(3), which is Tax-Deductible in the USA.

Direct Buy Me a Coffee Link. Greg asks that you use this link in preference to PayPal, as Buy Me a Coffee take a lower commission.

Direct PayPal link via the scheme’s aid for Ukraine NGO. (Please specify that your donation is for Ukraine).

This Amazon supplies direct to Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines initiative concentrates primarily on humanitarian and medical supplies.

However, Prof Gerdes and Greg Terry have made it possible for you to buy (not through Amazon) drones made in Ukraine. There are two types of drones available, and they cost (at the date this post was published) 300 US Dollars for a lighter drone and 600 US Dollars for the heavier version.

How to buy a drone and send it direct to Ukrainian soldiers

If you would like to buy a drone for Ukraine, you can do this by donating to one of the two fundraising links shown above. By default, your donation via these fundraising links will be pooled to purchase humanitarian gifts as outlined above.

If you wish to gift a drone, Prof Gerdes and Greg Terry ask that you donate 301 US Dollars for the light version and 601 US Dollars for the heavier drone. This will tell them that your donation is specifically for one of these drones. Through the fundraising platforms, you are able, if you wish, to give your name and this will be written on your drone to be delivered to Ukraine.

Donations to Ukraine Update

Video dated 5 February 2024: LIVE from Ukraine – Update with Dr. Gerdes and Rick The Ukrainian.

193,008.03 USD in Amazon and online donations has been donated so far.

Project Konstantin – Supplies Direct to Ukrainian Soldiers

Greg Terry talks with British combat medic Pete from Project Konstantin, a frontline casevac group spanning the entire 1000km frontline of Ukraine. Watch Pete giving us the raw realities from the frontlines. At 1:01:00 into the video, Pete appeals for a desperately needed armoured evacuation ambulance. Can anyone help? Video dated 6 February 2024.

Donation link for Project Konstantin

Important information from Greg Terry about donations

Greg asks that while he is in Ukraine for 3 months, it is better to use the above Buy Me a Coffee link and if you are in the USA the Direct Link for Financial Giving. This is because Greg has up-to-date information about specific front line medical needs from commanders and medics. Greg can purchase these items direct from outlets in Ukraine at the best prices.

A selection of Amazon supplies direct to Ukrainian soldiers, as shown in a previous video.

  • Balaclavas
  • CAT 7 combat application tourniquets
  • Chest seals – vented and non-vented
  • Everlit z-folded gauze
  • Tactical gloves
  • Tactical IFAK trauma kits
  • Thermal wear
  • Trauma shears
  • Quick clotting gauze chess seals

A further shipment of Amazon donations is now being air freighted to Ukraine via Poland.

Your gift, however, great or small will save lives of soldiers on the front lines of Ukraine.

External Links

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Greg Terry Experience YouTube Channel

Greg Terry’s X Account

Greg Terry Facebook Page

Greg Terry’s Website

Project Konstantin’s X Account

Project Konstantin’s Facebook Page

Project Konstantin’s Instagram Account

Project Konstantin’s Donation Links

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