Ukrainian Refugee in Worthing Launches Crowdfunding Appeal

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This post is about Yaroslava Matvieienko’s JustGiving crowdfunding campaign for tuition fees.

Ukrainian refugee in Worthing launches crowdfunding appeal.
Yaroslava – Ukrainian refugee in Worthing launches crowdfunding appeal

Yaroslava is from Worthing, West Sussex and she came to Worthing two years ago as a Ukrainian refugee.

Yaroslava intends to continue her literary career in the UK, which was cut short in Ukraine due to the invasion of her country by the Russian Federation.

Starting 13 March 2024, Yaroslava will take part in a how to write a novel  course at Riba Academy venues in London and Birmingham. The course is online and also requires in-person attendance. As part of the course, meetings with writers and publishers will be scheduled, as will an appearance with the BBC.

This course will help contribute positively to Yaroslava’s mental health

Yaroslava believes that taking part in the course will be crucial for her future as a writer and that it will positively affect her mental health.

Information about the course

Links to Riba Academy’s Facebook Page and Website. The website is in Ukrainian but you can view a version in English via Google Translate.

What’s the money is needed for?

  • Course tuition fee
  • Travelling expenses
  • Daily meals
  • A weeks accommodation in Birmingham
  • Relevant to the course, purchase of tickets to the London Book Fair and Oxford Literary Festival

Yaroslava is already an established author

In October 2022, Yaroslava joined other women who participated in a creative writing workshop designed to help women affected by the war. The short stories that came from this course have recently been compiled and published in Ukrainian.

Details about the book

Yaroslava contributed to this book entitled I don’t know how to write about it: a collection of short stories and essays  by renowned Ukrainian author Irena Karpa.

The associated image is of Yaroslava’s copy of the book, opened at the start of her story. The book was published in 2024.

Web link to the book at My Publishing in Ukraine.

Yaroslava's copy of the book.
Yaroslava’s copy of the book

More information about Yaroslava

Yaroslava is actively involved as a volunteer with the Worthing Ukrainian Friends Network, where she tirelessly campaigns on behalf of Ukrainian refugees in Worthing and Adur in West Sussex.

She has taken part in organising two very successful job fairs for Ukrainian refugees in Worthing.

During 2023 and 2024, she was assistant curator of the hugely successful Ukrainian Renaissance: Art, Craft and History exhibition at Worthing Museum & Gallery, which ran from September 2023 to February 2024.

Yaroslava has also organised the previous two-anniversary commemorations of the invasion of Ukraine at Worthing’s war memorial and organised the last two Independence Day of Ukraine celebrations in Worthing.

The editor of South Coast View can personally vouch for Yaroslava

I have known Yaroslava for nearly two years and am very familiar with her tireless work on behalf of Worthing’s Ukrainian refugee community. I have no hesitation in supporting her JustGiving campaign to help her with her fees for the course.

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