Real sourdough bread example – As baked by the wife

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My wife has been baking real sourdough bread for over two years, and her bakes turn out perfect in looks and taste every time.

Our bread (shown in the photograph) is authentic because it contains only flour, water and salt.

The Guardian Newspaper has reported that shoppers are being misled by supermarket labelling on some sourdough bread.

We learn that the factory-made loaves in some supermarkets can “contain as many as 15 ingredients, including palm oil and commercial yeast.”

Real sourdough bread example

Real sourdough bread

While real sourdough bread at a traditional bakery costs at least £3.50, supermarkets sell bread labelled with sourdough for around a third of the cost. Small bakeries claim they are undermined by supermarkets selling sourdough bread that isn’t sourdough.

The Guardian cites an example of Sainsbury’s selling an 800g white farmhouse loaf with sourdough for just £1.30.” The ingredients listed contain only 3.5% sourdough with rapeseed oil, sustainable palm oil, soya flour and a flour treatment agent. Tesco is cited as selling an 800g finest white loaf with sourdough that costs £1.20 and contains emulsifiers and added yeast. [1]

Source: Full article An honest crust? UK government steps in over ‘sourfaux’ threat to craft bakers. Guardian Newspaper. 23 April 2022.

Making real sourdough bread using only the ingredients of flour, water, salt, and a live sourdough culture [2] is a considerably slower process. This process is reflected in the higher price of real sourdough bread sold by traditional bakeries.

1. At the publication date of this article, both Sainsbury’s and Tesco were listing spirit vinegar as one of the ingredients in the loaves mentioned in the Guardian’s article. Sources: Tesco Finest White Loaf With Sourdough 800G and Sainsbury’s White Farmhouse with Sourdough, Taste the Difference 800g. Adding spirit vinegar to a bread recipe will enhance the taste.

2. Live sourdough culture is just flour and water with naturally occurring yeast.

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