How You Can Support Ukraine And Save Lives in 2024

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How can I support Ukraine by Helping People on The Ground

If you are asking yourself the question How can I support Ukraine, my answer is based on principles I have put into place since the beginning of the Russian invasion. I support trusted people on the ground in Ukraine because they know best where money is needed most. Because I trust these people, I know money donated will not be used for personal gain.

Flag of Ukraine overlaid with wording saying support Ukraine and saving lives on front lines.
How You Can Support Ukraine And Save Lives on The Front Lines

I do not publicise the big charities as some have high overheads and bureaucratic procedures, meaning that not all money donated to them will reach people on the ground promptly.

Three people on the ground that support Ukraine profiled on this website

You will find donation information for Rebekah, Brandon and Harley at the above internal links. You will also learn more about how each of them support Ukraine.

Rebekah Maciorowski always has an urgent need for life-saving equipment such as CAT 7 combat application tourniquets and tactical IFAK trauma kits.

Brandon Mitchell is temporarily away from Ukraine in Sweden, Germany and Denmark and has just successfully fund-raised money for a truck for Nika, a combat medic, also with the Hospitallers Medical Battalion of Ukraine.

Harley Whitehead is temporarily away from Ukraine with his family in the UK. Harley has just successfully fund-raised for a tractor to help with humanitarian demining in the Kherson area.

Additional cause that I publicise on this website

Greg Terry and Professor Gerdes Initiative for sending humanitarian and medical supplies via Amazon Shopping, direct to soldiers and medics on the front lines of Ukraine. There is a dedicated post on this website about their mission, with donation links. Greg Terry and his team are now on the front lines distributing donations to soldiers. Your donation to their mission will save lives on the front lines.

YouTube channel links for these causes

American combat medic Rebekah Maciorowski

Canadian volunteer combat medic Brandon Mitchell

British volunteer deminer Harley Whitehead

Professor Gerdes Explains

The Greg Terry Experience

You can support Ukraine and save lives of soldiers

Your donation, however, great or small will save lives of soldiers on the front lines of Ukraine.

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