Double Duos in Worthing at the Palm Court Pavilion

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I visited the Palm Court Pavilion on Saturday 5th of August, specifically to listen to the Double Duos in Worthing event Afternoon Tea with Music.

I greatly enjoyed the music and thanked the Double Duos ensemble members for the performance.

Double Duos in Worthing

Double Duos in Worthing

Double Duos members featured in the photograph

From left to right: Michael Withers Clarinet/Tenor Sax. Trevor Denyer Horn/Arranger. Alan Lakin Clarinet/Alto Sax. Susan Denyer Double Bass.

I had previously read on the Double Duos website that one of the ensemble members had been a junior exhibitioner* at the London College of Music (that’s the college where I studied piano and composition), and I asked “Which one of you was the junior exhibitor at the LCM? One of the musicians laughed, pointed to himself, and said, Guilty as charged!”

*Junior Exhibitioner in the UK. This is a scholarship for talented young musicians, usually attending a music institution on Saturdays, to further develop their skills.

We had an interesting conversation which brought up many nostalgic memories from his time in 1972 and my time at the London College of Music between 1972 and 1975. We exchanged notes about the college, music in general and various teachers, most of whom we both remembered – after so many years!

Among many teachers, we remembered Dr William Reginald Pasfield, who founded the Junior College at the LCM in 1959. On an aside, Dr Pasfield examined and passed me out on my grade 1 piano examination in the 1960s.

I signed up for the Double Duos email list and look forward to listening to them again.

Palm Court Pavilion in Worthing

Palm Court Pavilion in Worthing

The event was thoroughly enjoyable, and I am pleased to recommend the Double Duos for future engagements and private events.

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