Appeal – Urgent Need for Android Tablets for Combat Medics in Ukraine

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Ukrainian combat medics need Android tablets for medical evacuations

The medics are volunteers in the Hospitallers Medical Battalion of Ukraine. They urgently need tablets for using an Android tactical awareness map app for situation awareness that saves lives during medical evacuations. The Hospitallers also need Windows Laptops.

Combat medics need Android tablets for medical evacuations in Ukraine.
Combat medics need Android tablets for medical evacuations in Ukraine

The image above shows the US 96th Security Forces Squadron using a situational awareness app on an Android tablet. Image source.

Android Tablet Specifications

Minimum RAM 3gb, Not iPad, Android. Perfect if the tablets are rugged.

Windows Laptops also required – Specifications

Minimum 8th gen CPU, 16gb RAM and working battery.

Source: Brandon’s YouTube community post dated 9 October 2023.

Address for sending laptops and Android tablets

International Aid Group
E. Hartmann
Post Nr. 989186056
Packstation 166
04349 Leipzig

Source: Brandon’s community post on YouTube dated 20 October 2023.

How the tactical situation awareness app saves lives in Ukraine

The map app helps combat medics plan safe evacuation routes from the front lines by giving the medics situation awareness of exactly what hostile activity could be encountered on their evacuation route.

For instance, if the map app shows a Russian tank close to the planned evacuation route, the app can help the evacuation team choose the safest route to avoid potential contact with the enemy.

Exactly how the app saves lives is explained in the video below by Brandon Mitchel and Garfield, both volunteer combat medics with the Hospitallers Medical Battalion of Ukraine.

Video by Canadian combat medic Brandon Mitchell of Hospitallers

Slide the video forward to 7:57 seconds to watch Brandon and Garfield explain why the combat medics need Android tablets.

Video dated 5 October 2023.

Android Tablets for Ukraine – How your company can help the Hospitallers Battalion

  • Is your company upgrading Android tablets to a higher specification?
  • Would you consider donating your older tablets to the battalion to save lives?
  • The tablets need not be of the highest specification but should not be of too low a specification.

The combat medics need Android tablets urgently, and your help will save lives on the front lines.

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