Battle of Fearlessness Meerkat Advertisement

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This advertisement is one of my favourite, and in my opinion, the best Meerkat movie ever produced by the insurance company Compare The Market.

It always cheers me up, and this is your chance to watch the Battle of Fearlessness movie now!

Find out how Vitaly, Captain of the Meerkat Russian Home Guard, spreads fear into the invading army of Mongolian mongooses led by Monghis Khan. Despite the Meerkat Russian Home Guard being outnumbered 20-1 by the mongooses, the heroism of Vitaly and his army wins the day.

Watch how Vitaly first skilfully motivates his army, by telling them to steep their haunches. Next, he commands them into making the enemy smell the fearlessness of his troops. Vitaly then leads the heroic charge against the mongoose. The battle lasts all night, and eventually, victory is assured when the mongoose are forced to retreat.

Vitaly is awarded the Purple Claw for his unwavering heroism during the Battle of Fearlessness

Watch the Battle of Fearlessness now!

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